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FMG Young Farmer
of the Year


Client / 

In-house design - NZ Young Farmers

Creative Field /

Event marketing, Visual Communication,

Graphic Design

FMG Young Farmer of the Year - a multi-disciplined agri-business challenge which tests a range of practical and theoretical skills. 

To find out more about the the Contest, visit the link below:

Working in line with the brand guidelines of the contest, I was to design all of the marketing and promotional collaterals for the contest. 

Below are some examples of the posters that I have designed for each of the grand final seasons from years 2017 to 2019.

2017 'One purpose, One Goal, One Champion' 

Every contest who make it to the grand final are winners, however, there will only be one grand winner in the end. Therefore, to emphasise the idea of 'one champion', a supernatural/heroic concept was used. Adds a sense of dramatic tension on the land of New Zealand scenery.

2018 'Breeding Champions since 1969' 

This year was a celebratory year as Young Farmer of the Year contest meets 50 years. The overall design concept reflects upon the Young Farmers' long history which can be depicted by the grayscale colour and light reflection of audiences cheering in the events. 

2019 'Feeding Our Future' 

Heading into the 51st year of contest, a fresh new start was what we wanted to achieve. This was demonstrated by adding colour, foliage in the background and smiling faces of the contestants. Background imagery is specially of the Christchurch Gardens in which the Grand Final was going to be held in. 

Below are some examples of the marketing collaterals that was designed for the contest.

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