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Lanocrème Rebrand


Type / 

In-house design - Lanocorp

Creative Field /

Digital Marketing Design (website and social media),

2D Animation, vector Illustration, Product Styling and Photography, Brand and Identity


Jane Cowper - Product Development & Design Manager

Nancy Vincent Parr - Digital / Marketing Manager

Penny Zhang-Marshall - Social Media Coordinator

Lanocrème is the original lanolin skincare brand iconic to New Zealand, that is locally and internationally recognised. 

Established in the 1950s, it was time for the brand to revamp with a fresh new look and re-formulated products to meet the changing demands and modern trends. This not only meant the product itself but to the brand style and aesthetics. 

Working in collaboration with the marketing team, I was to support with the creation of assets such as, product (lifestyle) photography, photo retouch, video / animated assets for the website and social media graphics where needed. 

- All product photography was taken and developed in-house by me and Penny. 

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Social media:

A short animated motion graphic on how the Lanolin is collected. This content for the website was designed to educate the customers on what Lanolin actually is and where it is sourced from. 

Lanolin is a complex mixture of natural waxes, recovered from the wool after the sheep shearing process. Here is a small story about how lanolin is collected.

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