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Pilcrow - The hidden character of our time


Client / 

In-house design - NZ Young Farmers

Creative Field /

Visual Communication, Editorial Design, Typography, Story-telling

This book is aimed to unpack the statement of why we can’t get rid of the pilcrow and how it became pushed to the corner now that its’ forgotten and lost.


To educate those who have misunderstanding of the ‘annoying’ symbol and to those who are actually curious about what this mark might mean; I have designed this booklet as if it is a storybook of the pilcrow’s journey throughout history and time, chronologically, from the beginning to the end. 


I have subtly injected contrasting features of when the pilcrow is personified (typeface in italics), allowing for it to speak for itself with its’ own little voice while the opposite will answer in return.


Initially, the story line was based around the idiomatic expression of ‘the glory days of..’ which enhances the pilcrow’s reminiscence of its’ past. I wanted to design this book visually engaging while being subtle and gentle by portraying the pilcrow as a cheeky and playful little character. 

The bright/pastel tone of the turquoise and the red, are two contrasting colours that very well set up the overall aesthetic and tone of voice of subtle guidance and power. 

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