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The Anxiety Pack: Guide and Story


The following two booklets are part of an "Anxiety Pack" we created to help raise awareness about anxiety disorders among students. Each booklet, while part of a set, has been designed so it can be a standalone piece.

You can view the last book in the pack here:

Client / 

Massey University - Final year project

Credit / 

Eloise Docking

Creative Field /

Visual Communication, Research, 

Editorial Design, Typography, Layout


The Anxiety Guide Book was written with the help of pre-existing material about anxiety. We tailored the language in the guide book to suit students and made the design bold and eye catching - something not often seen in mental health informational material.


"They Just Don't Get It" is a collection of short stories submitted to us by anonymous contributors. This book provides an insight into what an anxiety disorder is from the sufferers themselves. It helps the reader to develop a greater understanding about the intricasies of anxiety and how it affects everyone differently. 

An overview of all the books in their final display format.

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